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Split mpeg video files as you like


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It is not only once that we have a good video but we want to have it even better by erasing the titles, or it is simply a part a big video and we want to set it apart from the full video.

In these occasions we need a program to help us splitting the video, and that's the goal of Mpeg splitter. Its fairly easy to use and you will not need a professional program, just run mpeg splitter, choose the video you want to edit and choose the part you want to keep.

If you want to easily edit an Mpeg video, don't hesitate, mpeg Splitter is probably the easiest solution although its interface is not extremely intuitive, it is not difficult to use.. It's not an advanced editor but the only function it does it perfectly and in a snap.

30 days trial version.
The video split part can be up to 60 seconds long

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